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SPED Support Teams

Special Education

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology Consult Services are available to provide support to IEP team members regarding individual student needs for assistive technology assessment and implementation in the areas of physical accommodations, augmentative/alternative communication, and curriculum access.  Consults can include: student observation; provision of assistive technology tools or augmentative communication devices; helping to identify needed accessibility features based on the unique needs of the student; guidance on data collection and reporting present levels within the evaluation process; and documenting student need on the IEP.

For more information, please contact Mary Gowing at 520-2303


Behavior Interventionists

Behavior Interventionists are available to schools as an additional resource to support building level Mental Health Providers when they are working with student who have social/emotional/behavioral challenges. Special education staff can contact their assigned Behavior Interventionist to discuss individual students and obtain a referral form. Behavior Interventionist support is also available for students who are not yet identified as needing special education services.

For more information, please contact Juliette Cutillo at 520-233


Psychologist Assessment Team

District-level Assessment Team School Psychologists support buildings without building-based School Psychologists by conducting a variety of Formal and Informal assessments in the areas of Social-Emotional, Cognitive, Adaptive and Executive Functioning.  Assessment Team School Psychologists assist teams with ensuring IEP compliance and understanding Special Education laws by consulting with administrators, teachers, support staff, colleagues and parents.

For more information, please contact Juliette Cutillo at 520-2533



Audiologists provide complete hearing evaluations for students with suspected hearing loss (referred by school health screening, parent or D11 staff to our clinic). D11 Audiology additionally acts as liaison between student’s school and clinic, as it pertains to hearing.  We also provide consultation and support to staff regarding hearing loss and how a child may be impacted in the classroom.  Audiology provides training to staff on specialized hearing equipment that is typically used by students with hearing loss.  Audiology helps to manage and maintain such equipment in the schools to ensure that the student with hearing loss has equal access to the educational environment.  We provide consultation regarding instructional strategies that are appropriate in the educational environment in order to support students with hearing loss.

Audiology Brochure

For more information, please contact Jennifer Hagood at 520-2152


Instructional Coaching

Instructional Coaches are available to provide individualized support regarding many issues related to providing appropriate instructional programing for students with disabilities.  Expertise and guidance available through the Instructional Coaches includes: using data to guide instruction; developing measurable, standards-based, IEP goals designed to meet the unique needs of students; progress monitoring; using AimsWeb-Plus; how to navigate the Alpine IEP system; appropriate use of assessment tools, including targeted assessments; gathering the required components that are necessary to document eligibility for each disability category; and selecting appropriate instructional strategies based on the unique needs of a student.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Hagood at 520-2152


Learning Lab

Language and Learning Support is available for special education staff when additional resources and supports are needed for students with significant needs.  A coaching and consultation model with staff will include: increasing expression for students with limited/non-verbal communication, using research-based teaching strategies tailored to students learning environment, and implementing an individualized educational program (ABLLS-Assessment of Language and Learning Skills, and/or AFLS- Assessment of Functional Living Skills).

For more information, please contact Jennifer Hagood at 520-2152