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Gifted and Talented Advisory Committee

Connecting, Discovering, and Engaging

Are you a parent of a gifted child or a community member committed to gifted education?  We invite you to join the Gifted and Talented Advisory Committee. Our goal is for each school to be represented by at least one parent or community member liaison.

We are asking GTAC representatives to share their passion for the well-being of our gifted children by attending all four GTAC meetings this year.

Though we are looking for at least one representative per school, anyone is welcome to attend the meetings.  We welcome your involvement.

GTAC Agenda 2023-2024

GTAC 2023-2024 Agenda Items Proposal

September 7 12:00-12:45 Join WebEx Meeting 
October 12 12:00-12:45 Join WebEx Meeting
November 16 12:00-12:45 Join WebEx Meeting
January 11 12:00-12:45 Join WebEx Meeting
February 15 12:00-12:45 Join WebEx Meeting
March 7 12:00-12:45 Meeting Cancelled
April 11 12:00-12:45 Join WebEx Meeting  


If you are interested in serving on the committee, please communicate your interest to the

Gifted Resource Teacher at your child's school.

If you would like to propose agenda items: GTAC 2023-2024 Agenda Items Proposal   

If you have questions, please contact:

Emily Andrews

Denise LaPlante