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Community Partnership CPCD Headstart Locations

District 11 partners with CPCD/Head Start to allow eligible preschool students to attend their neighborhood school. The sites are located in various D11 elementary buildings, and each classroom is managed by a teacher and 2 assistants. One session serves 3 and 4-year-old preschool students who are Head Start eligible, including those receiving special education services. The other session is a mixture of Universal Preschool eligible students and students with special education needs. Class size is limited to 16 or 17 students. 

CPCD/ Head Start preschool programs are available at these D11 Elementary Sites:


Carver Elementary School

Come join our Carver family, and let’s grow together!

We are the Carver Cougars, RIGHT ON! We are the Carver Cougars, FIGHT ON! We clap our hands and stomp our feet. We know that Carver can’t be beat! We stand for honesty, fairness, and pride, We’ve got the whole gang right by our side. We’ll defend our school the whole year long, We’re the Cougars who sing this song! RIGHT ON!

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Grant Elementary School

The Grant Elementary School staff is dedicated to educating students in communicating effectively, gathering and using information, making responsible decisions and adapting to the challenges of the future. This vision guides our daily instructional decisions and practices in providing the best educational experiences for our students. Our high expectations and love for learning have been influential in a steady trend of academic success.  

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Monroe Elementary School

Welcome to James Monroe Elementary School!

At James Monroe Elementary every student is inspired to achieve jaw-dropping academic success and positive character development. We create strong family and community relationships while valuing and affirming diversity. 

Our Vision and Mission

We dare to empower the whole student to profoundly impact our world. 

We are a dynamic, collaborative community of energized educators, engaged students and supportive partners with a passion for continuous learning.

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Queen Palmer Elementary School

Palmer Grade School was built in 1948 at 1921 East Yampa Street in a part of Colorado Springs called Knob Hill. It is an all brick building that includes a wonderful auditorium that was part of the original structure. The school had a capacity of 460 students until an addition was built in 1955 for another 120 students.   When the school was built, it was named for both General and Mrs. Palmer. The name of the school was chosen by the children of the Colorado Springs Public Schools. The school was built on a lot located two blocks east of the city limit that was the size of a full city block. The city newspaper noted that the site was chosen because the greatest growth in school population for the city occurred in this area. It was the first new elementary school to be built in Colorado Springs since Ivywild School, which was built in 1916. When Palmer School was dedicated, a celebration was held. It ended with the sixth graders performing an original play, A Pioneer of the West, and square dancing. The play told of General Palmer's many achievements.   In 1959, Colorado Springs High School became Palmer High School. This is when our grade school was renamed Queen Palmer Elementary. Queen (her nickname) Palmer was the first school teacher in Colorado Springs. She rented the home of publicist W.E. Pabor to serve as a school and began teaching in November of 1871. The school was located at the corner of Cascade and Bijou streets. Sometime before 1900, the building was moved to the corner of Espanola and El Paso streets. Although it has been enlarged and remolded many times, this 100+ year old building is the second oldest building in the city. The oldest structure is a log cabin in Bancroft Park. We are proud to have our school named after the first teacher in Colorado Springs. Visit Queen Palmer Elementary's website!


Twain Elementary School

Our Mark Twain family consists of staff members, students, family, and community members.  When we work together, our goals for student achievement and success can become a reality.  The partnership between home and school should be open, positive and supportive.  Families can play an active role in their child’s education through participation in school activities such as PTA, classroom volunteerism, attendance at programs and presentations, assistance with homework, and ongoing communication with the staff.

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