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Apply for Preschool

Colorado Springs School District 11 is passionate about early childhood development and education. Our commitment to providing the highest quality preschool program can be seen in everything we do, and every decision that we make. D11’s joyful preschool emphasizes whole child learning, prioritizes the foundational skills that are the best predictors of future success, supports each child at his or her own level, and balances teacher-directed and student-directed learning (always through play!). D11 preschool students come to understand that school is a place where they are cared for and cared about, where they can be successful, and where they can go to have fun!

To apply for the 2024/25 school year please find the pathway below that best fits your family.

Para postularse para el año escolar 2024/25,  busque el camino que mejor se adapte a su familia.