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About Us

The Early Childhood Education program in School District 11 is a high quality program designed to serve our youngest learners, including children with special needs.  We serve 3- and 4-year-old students who reside in the boundaries of Colorado Springs School District 11. 

Colorado Department of Education funds our program at NO COST to families through Universal Preschool (UPK).  We offer 42 preschool programs located in D11 elementary schools and 5 Head Start preschool programs located in D11 elementary schools. We work with families to determine the best location to fit with their students’ needs.  

Our preschools provide high quality instruction to support each child’s developmental needs.  We use a comprehensive, integrated curriculum aligned with nationally recognized standards.  With an emphasis on active engagement and strong relationships, our preschools introduce children to routine and structure within a school setting.  Within our literacy-rich and play-based program, we focus on social and emotional skills, language development, and pre-academic development, while promoting independence and resilience. Children who attend D11 early childhood programs are learning to love school and to have confidence in their abilities.

Our preschool program complies with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and accommodates children with special needs.  If you have concerns about your child’s development, please see the information regarding Child Find.

Students who are 3 or 4 years old by October 1 and who live within District 11 boundaries are encouraged to apply today.  We place children in preschool throughout the entire year as space becomes available.  Please call 520-2540 for more information.

-Sarah Carlson, Director of Early Childhood


Our mission is to provide the highest quality early childhood programming to D11 students because the experiences in these first years of development can have lasting impacts on a child's life. We want our preschool students to enter kindergarten with confidence, a sense of belonging, and with the foundational readiness skills that will support their future success. 

Belief Statements              

  • Learning begins at birth, and caregivers are a child's first and best teacher. 
  • Every child deserves a stimulating learning environment and adults committed to his or her success. 
  • Preschool students should be able to attend the same elementary sites as their siblings whenever space allows. 
  • To the fullest extent possible, children with disabilities should learn alongside their neighborhood peers, in their neighborhood schools. 
  • Preschool curriculum should be aligned to early learning standards and should emphasize the development of the whole child.  

Director of Early Childhood

- Sarah Carlson

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