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Whole Student Learning

A Commitment to the Whole Student

The Colorado Springs School District 11 staff works each and every day to act on the belief 

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that innovation coupled with passion can change students’ trajectories.

A commitment to the whole student in all education endeavors  ensures that D11 students are not only achieving academic excellence but are also becoming equipped to understand, lead and succeed in a diverse society. D11 teachers and staff are dedicated to supporting each child based on their individual needs and strengths.

Making personal connections with every student is a top priority as we empower them to grow personally, socially, culturally, and academically. In our district, each student will find innovative, robust, and personalized support systems, whether they are gifted and talented or needs additional support in certain areas. Our goal is simple – to inspire every mind, and help each child meet their full potential.

Today, we have 55 schools and alternative education opportunities to provide each student with a unique and exceptional educational experience. We are a caring school district, committed to providing programs that meet children’s needs, parent’s expectations, and staff’s ambitions.

The tabs in this section offer more details on the efforts underway for Whole Student Learning

  • Best, First Instruction for each and every student through a well-rounded selection of subjects
  • Global Education opportunities through honoring bi-literacy and world exchange programs
  • Graduate Profile and Learner Attributes to embed within all learning experiences to ensure real-world skill application
  • Personalized Learning as a philosophy and commitment to learning environments, pathways and instructional approaches designed to meet the unique needs of each learner