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Trainings-Colorado Academic Standards

CDE Standards Modules: Small Bite Series

Video Walk-Throughs are provided for the first 3 modules to get teams started with the collaborative learning process.  This process can be replicated with any of the modules.

CDE Module 1-6 Small Bites: Each module is broken into small chunks which include a slide deck and accompanying note-catcher.  Modules 1-6 focus on disciplinary literacy, standards literacy, and the new standards framework.

CDE Module 7-11 Small Bites: These modules outline "teacher tasks" to provide ongoing professional practice for teacher teams and schools.  The focus is on mapping the standards for curriculum design, rigor, and gap analysis.

Elementary Report Card Changes


Literacy Academy/ LETRS Update and Acadience Reading 

Learn more about how D11 is planning to support teachers in meeting the new READ Act Teacher Training Requirement.  Click here to watch a short video presentation.

Need a quick refresher on Acadience Reading or an initial kickstart in administering Acadience Reading?  Try this Schoology Course:  7897-HCFN-MZ3KQ

 Guidance for Remote administration of Acadience Reading can be found here:  Acadience Reading Remote Guidance

Teaming up with ESP

Click here for a video presentation on Working as a Team in a Remote Environment