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Personalized Learning

Why Personalized, Deeper Learning?

Being ready for anything is our ultimate goal for D11 graduates. We see each learner with boundless curiosity, capabilities and potential. Developing skills needed for success in today’s world requires rich learning experiences full of opportunity to discover and learn based on each of our unique strengths, needs, interests and goals. Personalized, deeper learning is about creating the conditions for students to know themselves as a learner and engage in rigorous challenges to demonstrate desired outcomes.

As our world has shifted from an industrial to a globally connected informational economy, high demand skills needed have also shifted to critical thinking, communication and creativity among others. Developing these skills is accomplished through continued opportunities that empower learners to explore, discover and apply learning in relevant experiences.  Click here to see what personalized, deeper learning means through the lens of the D11 Strategic Plan.


Click the image above to learn more about What Personalized, Deeper Learning is and is not. 

To access a copy of the D11 Graduate Profile in Spanish, click here.

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Jennifer Chappell

Personalized Learning Systems Coordinator