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Local Community Arts Partners

Arts Integration Cohort

  • A D11 VAPA year-long cohort involving teachers from 9 schools to learn and collaborate around new arts integration strategies for best first instruction Belmont Center for Performing Arts
  • Partnered with D11 dance faculty to create and implement an after school dance curriculum at the elementary level.

Chamber Orchestra of the Springs

  • Open rehearsal for all D11 orchestra students at Doherty High School
  • Access to a sensory-friendly Carnival of the Animals video concert available to all D11 teachers

Colorado Springs Children's Chorale

  • Free workshops for choirs at Mitchell and Galileo for Arts Month

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center @ Colorado College - Museum and Bemis

  • Museum—Offered Free Family Days each Saturday in October exclusively for D11 families
  • Museum—Co-designed, co-facilitated, and provided space and adjudicators for Visual Arts  D11 Talent in the Pikes Peak Region Day for 50 middle school students
  • Bemis—Visited 12 elementary schools for interactive art experiences for over 500 students with  the Art Mobile in October
  • Museum and Bemis—Co-designed and facilitated D11 Arts Collective for D11 high school students and staff. The Collective created responsive work to be displayed alongside Floyd Tunson’s Hearts and Minds exhibit.

Colorado Springs Youth Symphony Association

  • Kyle Dillingham with Horseshoe Road—Broken Beyond Repair for D11 orchestra students
  • African Drumming teaching artist Summer Bridge 2021

Dance Alliance of the Pikes Peak Region

  • Supported and provided adjudicators for D11 Dance Talent in the Pikes Peak Region event

Ent Center for the Arts-Theatreworks and Galleries of Contemporary Art

  • ODC Master Class—D11 dance students worked alongside professional dancer
  • GOCA hosted Cultural Art Show—Student work displayed in Ent Center Educational gallery
  • Theatreworks Free for All Shakespeare participated in Summer Bridge and visited multiple schools in May

Front Range Theatre Company

  • Invited D11 theatre students to perform alongside professional actors as part of the Ordinary Extraordinary Cemetery Podcast interactive performance in October

Kennedy Center Partners in Education--Pikes Peak Art Integration Collaborative

  • D11 is in its fourth year as a member of the Partners in Education Program providing connection to local arts organizations in the support of arts integration professional development for D11 teachers

League of Women Voters

  • Sponsored the creation of a mural applied to the side of Palmer High School celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment allowing women to vote

Ormao Dance Company

  • Visited five middle schools with Hands are For Holding in partnership with TESSA supported by D11 Project AWARE
  • Provided an artist in residence for Monroe Elementary in Fall and Spring
  • Provided teaching artist for Summer Bridge 2021
  • Provided space and adjudicators for Dance TIPP Day

Theatre Across Borders

  • Science to Stage: Created a fully integrated arts experience with a class at Martinez elementary school in collaboration with TAB actors and Cool Science. The end result was a play about simple machines that toured to 17 D11 elementary schools.

Youth Documentary Academy

  • Offered screenings of youth documentaries from their critically acclaimed Our Time Series at all five high school campuses. Screenings were supported by panelists including filmmakers and experts in mental health including The Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership and Inside Out as well as high school counselors
  • Offered a free community screening of the Oscar-nominated documentary Minding the Gap at Palmer High School featuring a talkback with filmmaker Bing Liu.