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Reading, Writing, and Communicating


Reading, Writing, and Communicating education in Colorado Springs District 11 is grounded in the idea that well-developed literacy skills are crucial to a students' academic achievement across disciplines and for success beyond the classroom. To this end, we aim to ensure that every student develops and demonstrates effective reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills by participating in high quality, explicit literacy instruction grounded in the Colorado Academic standards so that they can become empathetic collaborators, skilled communicators, critical thinkers, and empowered citizens*. We nurture these competencies through frequent opportunities to engage in complex, grade level texts through collaborative conversation and written responses to text.

*D11 Graduate profile competencies

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Mykel Knight
K-12 Literacy & Humanities Facilitator
(719) 520-2351 

Christy Feldman
K-5 Literacy & Language Arts Facilitator
(719) 520-2023

Jennifer Chappell

Personalized Learning Systems Coordinator

Merideth Brodeur

K-5 Literacy Specialist

Cassie Fredrickson

K-12 Literacy Specialist


Nicole Greenberg

K-12 Literacy Specialist