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Paul Bunge
K-12 Mathematics and STEM Facilitator
(719) 520-2073

Zachary Trendelman
HS Content & Competency Facilitator - STEM
(719) 328-4186

Phil Hutcherson
Math Specialist
(719) 520-2022

Liz Jordan
Math Specialist
(719) 520-2593

Welcome to D11 Mathematics

Mathematics education in Colorado Springs School District 11 strives to foster and sustain children’s natural curiosity about and appreciation of mathematics. To this end, our approach to mathematics instruction and assessment is balanced in its design. With all learners we work to develop conceptual understanding of mathematics, procedural skills in mathematics, and abilities to transfer and apply mathematics to solve problems in a variety of situations. Our approach views each of these three developmental goals as equally important and mutually reinforcing. Our goal is to develop citizens who are mathematically literate, skilled and confident, and so who are best equipped to meet any future opportunities.