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Homeschool CE Access

Homeschool families are encouraged to access concurrent enrollment as part of their homeschool program. Homeschool students who wish to access District supported concurrent enrollment are limited to 3-6 credit hours as defined by selected IHE in both fall and spring semesters.   
Homeschool students wishing to access concurrent enrollment at any time during the academic calendar must do the following:  
•Have on file a Notice of Intent (NOI) to Homeschool with the District before October 1 of the school year.   
•Enrolled in and attending a District school prior to October 1 with a schedule that includes 2 high school classes or 3-6 credit hours at a participating IHE.   
•Complete Postsecondary Participation Agreement (PPA) by established District deadlines for each semester and submit PPA to their designated high school college and career counselor for approval.   
•Enroll in concurrent enrollment courses and meet all postsecondary requirements.