Concurrent Enrollment

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Concurrent Enrollment in District 11 is a broad term used to describe many distinct programs that offer immediate access to college coursework and college credit at no cost or minimum cost to our students. Students in every school may choose to enroll in various Concurrent Enrollment opportunities offered on our high school campuses through our partner institutions:

Pikes Peak State College (PPSC)

Western Colorado University (WCU)

Colorado State University Pueblo (CSUP)

University Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS)

For more general information about Concurrent Enrollment and updates from the Colorado Department of Education - CDE CE WebsiteConcurrent Enrollment provides an opportunity for students to challenge themselves during the school year by taking college-level courses at post-secondary state institutions. The school district will pay tuition costs up to the community college rate. The school district is not responsible for the cost of books, materials, or administrative/student fees. District 11 contracts with Pikes Peak State College for CE and High School students may only take courses with this institution at this time. 

To be considered eligible for this program, a student must meet the following conditions:  

  1. Meet prerequisites for college-level courses. 
  2. Require no remedial coursework at the college level. 
  3. The course must be directly related to an educational or career decision, and be in line with your plan of study on your ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan).

Students may use the class for both high school and college credits. A completed Concurrent Enrollment or program interest form must be submitted and a counselor meeting completed before a student enrolls in any class at a post-secondary institution (fall semester timeline: prior to Spring Break; spring semester deadline: prior to Thanksgiving break). This opportunity is primarily for 11th and 12th graders; 9th and 10th graders may be granted permission on a case-by-case basis. 

Selecting Guaranteed Transfer Courses

Where to begin when choosing Concurrent Enrollment courses, Colorado Department of Higher Education identifies the GT Guaranteed Transfer Pathways General Education Curriculum from Written Communication, Mathematics, Arts & Humanities, and Natural & Physical Sciences: 

Browse All GT Pathways Courses

Written Communication - 6 Credit Hours

2 courses


Arts & Humanities - 2 courses (minimum 3 credits each)

History -- 1 course (minimum 3 credits)

Social & Behavioral Sciences -- 1 course (minimum 3 credits)

To reach a minimum of 15 credits, please select 1 additional course (minimum 3 credits) in Arts & Humanities or History or Social & Behavioral Sciences.

Mathematics - 3 Credit Hours

1 course (or a series of three 1-credit hour courses)


Natural & Physical Sciences - 7 Credits Hours

2 courses, one of which must be GT-SC1:

GT Pathways courses, in which the student earns a C- or higher, will always transfer and apply to GT Pathways requirements in AA, AS, and most bachelor's degrees at every public Colorado college and university. GT Pathways does not apply to some degrees (such as many engineering, computer science, nursing, and others listed here). You should always seek advising from the appropriate advisor at the college or university you plan to attend to ensure you are selecting the appropriate coursework for your degree and that it will apply to those degree requirements, This checklist and these guidelines can help high school students plan their AP, IB, and Concurrent Enrollment courses.


Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator:

Kristen Miller 


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