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Pikes Peak State College Career Start

Career Start at Pikes Peak State College 

Career Start provides occupational skill development and training for juniors and seniors. District 11 pays for the program. Students completing CS earn credits that can be applied towards high school graduation. College credit may also be earned which may be applied to a post-secondary certificate or degree. CS strives to prepare students for the world of work by teaching the related academics and workplace basics that are essential for employment.D11 participates in the Career Start program (formerly known as AVP) with Pikes Peak State College. Students in this program enroll in Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses at PPSC; they spend half days on the PPSC campus and the rest of the time on their home school campus. Students in Career Start can typically earn between 12-18 college credits in a year and apply coursework toward graduation.




Go to (career-start subpage)


Students must complete the following steps: 

Additional information regarding these programs is available on the Pikes Peak Community College Website PPSC Career Start     + For more information and to be considered complete the CS interest form:  D11 CS interest form   OR Scan this QR code from your mobile device to complete the CS interest form.   

1. Complete the interest form/application on the D11 website. 

2. Update ICAP Postsecondary goal to reflect your course within the certificate or degree plan you are working toward. 

3. Contact and meet with school/career and college counselor.

4. Once approved, complete any required testing or qualifying measures. 

5. Apply to the Institution of Higher Education (IHE) that offers the course or program.

    A. Career Start courses are at Pikes Peak State College - PPSC Application

    B. If you would like to complete the PPCC application accurately, preview this tutorial - Application Guide

6.  Apply on PPSC Career Start Day in March ** PPSC administers the application link. 

7. Wait for confimation on placement or waitlist status from PPSC. 

8.  If selected for the CS Program complete the D11 Postsecondary Agreement D11 Postsecondary Agreement   (NEW USER- click create an account).

9. Confirm with a counselor that all steps were completed in order to be scheduled in a course or program.


Pikes Peak State College Accessibility Services

New students must schedule an appointment with a disability specialist to determine accommodations.

- Contact Us and Request: To schedule an appointment, call us at 719-502-3333 or email us at

- We recommend contacting us at least 4 weeks before the semester begins, but we will gladly work with you throughout the entire semester.