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Automotive Technologies & Maintenance

Automotive Pathway

The Automotive Pathway offers students an opportunity to acquire marketable job skills, occupational knowledge, and positive attitudes for entering the world of work and entering postsecondary studies in the automotive repair field. In order to provide these opportunities, a variety of skill training classes are offered. Courses teach workplace basics necessary to succeed in any occupation or career (such as critical thinking, practical application, teamwork, and problem-solving) while learning industry-standard automotive repair practices. Students are taught to conduct themselves in a manner expected of an employee by an employer. Students are guided through the process of creating a purpose, focus, and direction for their future. 

The pathway focuses on information technology, networking, cybersecurity, and the intersection of these disciplines. Students can become certified in copper wire, fiber optics, and AV/V installations.

Schools offering the Automotive pathway

This program offers industry certifications and direct employment. 

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