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Credit Information

Credit for Homeschool work will be granted by following one, or a combination of methods listed below:
Portfolio evaluation
To include a combination of some of the following elements:
  • **List of materials used
  • Name of text/reference with author and copyright date with photocopies of table of contents of materials
  • **Samples of work and notebooks
  • Logs or journals
  • End of chapter tests and final exams Projects completed/ Research papers
  • Letters of participation from private tutors or instructors
  • Number of hours of participation
  • Description of private class or lesson
  • Letters of recommendation
  • *Standardized test scores

Placing students at the next level in subject areas of math and foreign language. If the student receives a grade of C or better after completing one semester of enrollment at the public school, credit will be granted for the homeschool course.  

No Documentation? If no documentation can be provided by the parent for a student’s homeschool course, department heads may be called upon to evaluate a student’s knowledge by interview or a written test chosen by the department head. 

Such interview/test will be administered at the convenience of the department head and on school grounds.  

*  Standardized test scores as required by statute determine progress of student not placement.

**Required items .  

All the above criteria are investigational and subject to change without notice.