Emergency Procedures

  • In the event of a school or community emergency that requires school shelter in place, lockout, lockdown, closure, or evacuation status, information will be provided to parents in several formats.
    Important information, including family reunification sites (if needed in the case of an evacuation) will be posted on the school’s web site, the District Facebook site and Twitter feed, and sent to local television stations, which are listed below. The school may also send a letter home, post a notification of lockdown status on the school web site, or use the Blackboard Mass Communication system to keep parents up to date.
    Parents - please allow emergency personnel full access to the emergency by remaining clear of the school.
    Emergency Procedures

Television Stations

  • •  KOAA News First Five, NBC, 5/30
    •  KKTV, CBS, 11
    •  KRDO, ABC, 13
    •  KXRM, FOX, 21