Early Childhood Program Descriptions

  • D11 Elementary Preschools (34 sites) - This program serves 3- and 4-year-old students enrolled through the state’s Colorado Preschool Program (CPP), and students who are qualified for special education services. Funding for these students is based on risk factors identified by the Colorado Department of Education.

    Most children attend preschool at their neighborhood school in classes of up to 16 students. Classrooms average 30% special education students and 70% CPP students, and each class is staffed by a certified teacher and 2 assistants. Preschoolers attend Monday through Thursday in either the morning or afternoon session. Preschool students with special needs receive all related special education services in the classroom with their typical peers.

    Community Partnership for Child Development (CPCD)/ Head Start Preschool (5 sites) - District 11 partners with CPCD/ Head Start to allow eligible preschool students to attend their neighborhood school. The sites are located in various D11 elementary building. One session serves 3- and 4-year-old preschool students who are Head Start eligible, including those receiving special educations services. The other session is a mixture of CPP and students special education students. Class size is limited to 16 or 17 students. CPCD staff consist of a teacher and 2 assistants.

    Community Operated Off-site Preschools (5 sites) - This program serves 3- and 4-year-old students enrolled through CPP only. Class size is limited by state statute to 16 students. The class is staffed by a teacher who meets child care licensing requirements and 1 assistant. This extension of the CPP program is a required partnership under the CPP Act. We have partnered for 15 years with the private child care community. These 5 sites are located within D11 boundaries. These sites include Early Connections at Rio Grande, Early Connections at Antlers Place, Junior Academy Small Wonders, Junior Academy, and Ruth Washburn.

    Child Find - This program is mandated by IDEA and conducts multi-disciplinary assessments on 475 students, birth-5, year round. One component serves children birth to 3 (Part C). The staff conducts initial home visits for all referrals on children under three, as per state law. This program is funded through Special Education.

    Tesla Early Learning Center - This program is located at the Roy J. Wasson Academic Campus and serves 24 infants and toddlers each year. The opportunity for on-site child care enables their teen parents to attend high school in D11.