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  • Here at Scott, we believe in being a developmentally appropriate Kindergarten. That means we are taking your child where they are at and helping them grow, we are doing our best to use play-based and hands-on activities over seatwork and drills, we are teaching your child as if they are a 4-6year old, not a 5th grader. Children learn differently before age 8 than they do after age 8, and Kindergartners are well within this the early learning spectrum. You'll notice in our room, we have a lot of choice time as well as small group time. These blocks of our day enable us to meet everyone needs, because they can vary dramatically, as well allow your child time to grow in the skills each individual needs. One of my favorite times of the day is our Play to Learn block. Children choose from classic Kindergarten centers like blocks, dramatic play, writing center, playdough, sensory table, tub toys and more to practice all the skills we are aquiring in a very natural way that builds tons of social and emotional skills. 

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