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  • We will begin having classroom volunteers in the classroom around the middle of September. If you're interested in volunteering or helping, please fill out the online form below. If you don't hear back soon, be sure to let Mrs. Loftin know, email is best!

    Online Volunteer Interest Form 

    Thank you volunteers

    Mrs. Loftin's Tips for Class Volunteers

    Be Happy!  Come with a positive attitude... be ready to laugh and have the best day !

    Remember to sign in on the computer at the Scott Front Office

    Try to talk to kids at eye-level.

    Ask the Teacher for your assignment.  You may be asked to read with children, play games, monitor computers or teach an activity.  If you are uncomfortable or unsure it’s ok to tell the teacher!

    Remember you are a volunteer. Be willing to step back and take direction from teachers.  Sometimes it is hard for volunteers to not be “in charge.”

    It's helpful to say your name and ask the children their name

    Please turn off your phone and put your drinks on my desk.

    You will need to find care for your babies or siblings.  We only need YOU and your full attention!

    Try to focus on all children – not just your own little darling!

    We love volunteers who don't mind cleaning! – Tables, chairs, counters!!!

    Teachers will manage any bathroom or behavior issues that crop up.  Please don't discipline the children. Tell the teacher if you are having an issue.  Remember to protect yourself – NEVER be alone with a child.

    Comment on what you see but no phony praise! Say “I see you drew a cat and wrote some words – tell me more…” Don’t say “good job – cute cat – you are so smart…”

    We love having you in class with us and could not be successful without your help.

    Mrs. Loftin and The Kids