• Advanced Learning Plan Cycle


    The advanced learning plan (ALP) is a legal document [22-20-R-12.00, C.R.S.] outlining programming for identified gifted students and is used as a guide for educational planning and decision-making. An ALP shall be developed for every gifted student according to the student’s determined area(s) of giftedness, interests, and instructional and affective needs. A standards-aligned approach to developing and ALP incorporates standards-aligned education and best practices in gifted instruction. This approach identifies the appropriate standards, at or above grade-level, to challenge a gifted student, and provides opportunities to show application and transfer of those standards. For high school students, the ALP may be blended with an Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) if all contents of the ALP are inclusive in the ICAP, including achievement and affective goals.

    Procedures and Responsibilities

    A standards-aligned ALP is a process and a document that is informed by and based upon Colorado Academic Standards (CAS) and National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) affective standards. Each ALP must contain a minimum of one achievement goal and one affective goal.

    • Achievement goals are standards-based statements in a student’s strength area(s). Additional achievement goals may be needed to address documented achievement gaps or career interests. [12.02(2)(f)(ii)]
    • Affective goals reflect development of personal, social, communication, leadership, and/or cultural competency [12.02(2)(f)(ii)].
    • The ALP is a collaborative e effort between parent(s)/guardian(s), the student, and school personnel. Parent and student participation in the ALP process is specified in the ECEA Regulations. [12.02(2)(f)(v)].
    • Teacher(s) and other school personnel directly responsible for instruction or program delivery develop ALP goals in collaboration with gifted personnel at an end-of-year review or at the beginning of the school year.
    • For identified gifted students new to a district, adjustments may need to be made in the ALP to match programming options available in the district. Communication to parents shall occur within 60 school days of the district’s start date or date the student entered the district outlining changes or modifications to the student’s ALP.
    • The working-document section of the ALP is updated at least annually with routine progress monitoring reports during the year. The report card cycle is a suggested routine. This portion of the ALP records annual measurable, attainable achievement and affective goals and progress. It describes supplemental curriculum, activities, specific programs or coursework, specific strategies, and/or extended or expanded learning opportunities available in the AU that match a student’s strength area(s) and support the goals [12.02(2)(f)(ii)-(iii)]. The ALP may also contain programming options that extend to community and/or university resources.
    • ALPs are managed and monitored in the school and filed in the student’s cumulative file.


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