Noodle Tools

  • Palmer High School has adoped Noodle Tools as our Citation Tool.  We pay for this service so you can have a robust, easy-to-use citation machine that allows you to save your work.

    ***NOTE: For current FRESHMEN and SOPHOMORES - your account has been created for you.  It follows the same pattern as PPLD.  Username is your network ID (LASTF1234).  Password is your day and year of birth (0324 - if your birthday is March 24th).  

    IF you DON'T have access you can still create an account - here's how:

     Below is video demonstrating how to create a new project bibliography.  

    Practice Bibliography Exercise


Why and When We Cite...

Common Knowledge

Something to think about related to Common Knowledge... Common Knowledge refers to information that generally educated, knowledgeable people would take as "true" or not needing to be backed up by data or citation.

BUT... it's worth watching this video to be cautious in what you consider to be Common Knowledge.