Intro to Research

  • Here are some ideas and information that may be helpful to you on constructing a research paper/project.  Regardless of where you are currently in the research process, it is beneficial to stop for a moment and consider the "big picture" of your project as a whole.  

    This Crash Course video is a fair overview of the research paper process...  we particularly recommend the editor's suggestion to approach the project in such a way that one doesn't get hung up by attempting to write a perfect paper on the first draft.  

Research Models

  • Another great suggestion may be to use the framework of an established, acacdemically supported Research Model to provide support through the process.  It can really help when one gets stuck on "What should I do next?"

    The most highly recommended model among High School media specialists is the Big 6 Model - which actually goes back all the way to 1987.

    Here's a brief overview of the steps - *this video was not created by anyone officially linked to Big 6, nor Palmer High School.  Evaluate it's content accordingly.*


    Some Big 6 Resources:

    About the Process -

    Big 6 Organizer

    Big 6 Poster

    Big 6 Handout