• Coronado Stock Market Competition

    About the Game
    The Coronado Stock Market Competition is a fun way for students to learn how the stock market works.  When students join they will be given $10,000 of virtual cash to invest in a variety of stocks, funds, bonds and other investment devices offered on the open stock market.  The Market Watch platform follows the real stock market, so students' portfolios will follow the real stock market. 

    The game is open for students, parents and teachers to join.  However, only Coronado students are eligible for the cash prizes based on the top 4 performing portfolios. 

    Cash Prizes:  1st Place - $20, 2nd Place - $10, 3rd Place - $10, 4th Place - $10 (cash prizes are donated by Mr. Gryboski--no District 11 funds are used) 

    Instructions to Join the Game

    Step 1:  Go to https://www.marketwatch.com/ and click the icon of a person in the upper right and select "Log In."


    Step 2:  Select  "Sign In With Google"  and use your D11 email address. 


    Step 3:  Click this link: https://www.marketwatch.com/game/coronado2022-23 and "Join" the "coronado2022-23" game, the password is all lowercase: cougars

    Step 4:  Watch the first video below to learn how to make a trade and watch any additional videos below that your instructor assigns.

    Video - How to Make a Trade at MarketWatch

    Video - Very High Risk Investing - Trendwatching

    Video - What is an Index Fund or an ETF? (This is where you should invest your real money because it is lower risk with a good rate of return)

    Personal Investment Calculator-Compound Interest(click to download this excel file)


    Top Ten Finishers for the 2021-22 Game