• Enrollment Priorities

    As a Montessori School of Choice within Colorado Springs School District 11, we seek to have a school community that is committed to the Montessori program.  To ensure this commitment, we extend offers of enrollment based on space available and the following priorities:

    1. Staff children (1st grade or under)
    2. Siblings of current students*
    3. Students with prior Montessori experience**
    4. Order in which a permit is received

    Any student not accepted into the program will be put on a waiting list that will remain effective until the end of the school year for which the choice application is submitted.


    *Siblings are defined as children or offspring having one or both parents in common.  Inexperienced siblings do not qualify as a sibling priority, with the exception of preschool, kindergarten and first graders.  Sibling priority does not extend to inexperienced siblings in 2nd-5th grades.

    **If an experienced Montessori student requests enrollment, consideration may be given to the request as a priority based on records received from the previous Montessori school.  Documentation will be required to look at the length of attendance in a Montessori program and to assess whether the child is successful with this learning style.  Special consideration may also be given to students who have an educational background closely aligned to the Montessori model.