Excellence in Education Scholarship

  • You are putting together the finishing touches on a group paper assignment that you and your best friend have been working very hard on for your college history class. You have completed your section, but need your friend’s part of the paper so that you can turn it in by the midnight deadline. She thought she sent it to you, but it never reached your e-mail. When you call to ask her to send it again, she is already at a rock concert two hours away. She gives you her e-mail password so that you can log in to her account and re-send it yourself. When you do this, you notice an e-mail in her inbox from a student who completed this assignment two years prior for the same class. He sent your friend his paper to use as her own, which would be considered plagiarism. The assignment is for the same professor and you worry that he will notice this paper being recycled. Since you are partnered with her on this paper, you would be held liable for plagiarism in addition to your friend, which can possibly result in expulsion from the university. You feel wrong opening this e-mail at all when your best friend trusted you with her personal e-mail password. However, you cannot ignore the potential threat if the professor catches on to her scheme. How do you handle this situation?

    Write a 1,000 words or less essay

    • What next steps might be appropriate at this point? How do ethics play a part in this scenario?
    • Share an example.

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    Deadline: 5:00 p.m. May 18, 2018


  • Scholarships are available for the Leading Edge Program:

    Leading Edge is a comprehensive community leadership program developed specifically for high school teens. LPP believes that civic engagement and leadership are skills that should be developed early in life through self-discovery and hands-on experiences. Leading Edge students gain an understanding of themselves, their communities, and their city through networking interactions with community leaders, exploration of local agencies and organizations, and leadership skill development curriculum. Students will graduate the program as engaged and involved citizens who are working to make a difference in our community.



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