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Mr. Darin Smith - Principal

Dear Coronado Community,

It’s time to submit those college applications for early decision. Did you know that paying for an elite college such as Stanford, Yale, Brown or Princeton can be affordable? With college credits earned in high school, applying for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and submitting applications in October, students are more likely to receive the limited amount of financial aid each college has to offer. Elite colleges have more funds to award to deserving students than state colleges. Of course, looking at the bottom line must play into your decision; total costs including tuition versus financial aid, and travel and moving expenses.

College is not for everyone and does not need to be. Many different types of schools provide post-secondary education. These alternatives offer degrees, certificates and program areas that are a great benefit to students. Think about vocational and trade schools for job-specific study which require certificates over degrees. Community colleges offer a great segue into a 4-year degree at a much cheaper cost. Institutes of Technology offer intensive fields of study in the STEM program. Art and Design schools pave the way for careers in drawing, painting, graphic design and more.

College tuition continues to rise and School District 11 provides funding for CU Gold/Succeed classes as long as the student has applied, enrolled, completed the tuition contract and earns the required grade in class. Enrollment last year was 976 students with 2855 college credits earned, CU Platinum dual enrollment was 43 with 129 college credits earned and Project Lead the Way concurrent enrollment was 47 with 128 credits earned.

Coronado’s plethora of extracurricular clubs let kids get involved and establish friendships with others who share their interests. And, involvement and leadership opportunities look great on applications for post-secondary education and employment.
Making the most of your high school education opens doors to your future. Think ahead. Plan ahead. Always give it your best.