Mr. Darin Smith - Principal

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Mr. Darin Smith - Principal

Dear Coronado Community,

Dear Coronado Community, Coronado High School and the Colorado Springs Police Department work closely together to ensure student safety. All exterior doors lock automatically after passing periods. We screen all visitors and require them to show identification prior to entering the building and wear a visitor’s badge when on campus.

D11 has installed the Raptor ID Safety System, school security software that screens against the registered sex offender databases in all fifty states, and can alert for custody issues and banned visitors. We take these steps to ensure the safety of the students and staff at Coronado.

As always, Coronado is required to schedule a certain number of safety drills to ensure we are prepared to respond to emergency situations. In addition to fire drills, we conduct evacuation, lockdown, lockout and shelter drills throughout the year. These exercises prepare us for a variety of situations, ranging from an intruder in the building to severe weather events. Ultimately, our goal is student safety and an environment conducive to learning and to maximize student achievement.

On that note we hope to see 100% involvement in Coronado's assessment testing in April. Colorado Department of Education requires all juniors to take the SAT test, sophomores to take the PSAT 10, and freshmen to sit for the PSAT 9 which are aligned to Colorado Academic Standards. Testing shows learning is happening. It is important for parents and students to know that these tests are an approved, recognized assessment tool for high school classroom instruction, and admission tool for scholarship consideration purposes when applying to colleges and universities. Please encourage your student to give these tests 100% of their attention next month.