Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Ann Schulzki


About Me
Subjects taught Gifted and Talented Resource Teacher
Levels Taught 9-12
Position G&T Teacher High School

AP, CU Succeed and CU Platinum coordinator

Lead - AP Rigor Goal Team


I am longtime Social Studies teacher who has worked with Gifted and Talented Students as Coronado's resource teacher for the last 11 years of my 36 years teaching. Although I graduated from Mitchell HS, I have taught only on the west side, at West Jr. High, Holmes Jr. High and the last 28 years at Coronado! My husband (Palmer HS) and oldest daughter (West Elementary ) are also teachers as was my dad (Mitchell and Palmer) - all in District 11. My youngest daughter is working on her masters in Communications. Although our three cats, Toulouse, Pascal and Beanie have kept us sane and entertained thry are probably glad we went back to school!

I have enjoyed working with students through clubs and activities, my favorites as team coach/sponsor for Mock Trial, History Day, and currently, Future Problem Solvers.

I look forward to a very different, but exciting year as I continue working with GT and all students as coordinator for Advanced Placement courses and exams, and CU Succeed dual enrollment, and CU Platinum courses such as Interpersonal Communication, Public Speaking..

Activities & Interests
Activities: Coach/Sponsor - Coronado/Palmer HS Future Problem Solvers Team
Interests: Golf, politics, travel, family and friendships

Contact Information
Phone 719-328-3631

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2021-22 School year

Assisting and serving Coronado's GT population is my primary goal, but I also coordinate the following programs:  Advanced Placement and CU Succeed, CU Platinum dual enrollment. 

I have set up my teacher page to assist you or your student in each of these areas - GT, AP, CU Platinum or CU Succeed, and will place pertinent information in the announcement section below, on my calendar, or under each of the programs I help coordinate (left menu) or it may be easier to find information or my scheduler on the Coronado Counseling Career and Counseling links.

  • AP Exam   

    May 2 - May 13, 2022 - Online registration will occur August through October 11.  School District 11 is committed to providing access and funding to all students who wish to take an AP exam ($96 per exam).   Registration information through AP College Board will be distributed to all AP students, and students  "join" the AP course in order to access AP resource materials. Students will have an opportunity by October 4 to proceed with taking the AP exam or not. Please have students contact their AP teacher if they need access to their course join code or inquire of Mrs. Schulzki at

    All students taking the second semester AP Microeconomics course will register for their AP course and exam in January when they begin their course - a join code with be distributed to them in January and they will have until the beginning of March to join the course and register for their AP Micro exam. The will be no late fees assessed by College Board to register for this course second semester.


     CU Succeed - UCDenver and UCCS


    The CU Succeed Program collaborates with high schools all over Colorado to give students the opportunity to gain exposure to actual college courses.  Students enroll in University of Colorado (Denver or UCCS) courses, but are taught and located at Coronado High School, at a reduced rate (52$ per credit at UCCS/77$ per credit at UCDenver).  Courses and grades appear on a CU transcript and are transferable and articulate at colleges and universities in and out of Colorado. These courses come at quite a savings to students and parents! This is a dual enrollment option.  


    Gifted and Talented - Advanced Learning Plans  

    The goal of an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP)  is to give every identified student the opportunity to participate in creating goals that are personalized and useful.  As the district high schools roll out the ALP, all documents related will be sent through Naviance to identified Gifted Students. . Please click on the Gifted and Talented tab on the menu to the left for more information.

    What Are Advanced Learning Plans?

    Colorado law requires an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP)  -  

     Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs) are . . .“a written record of gifted and talented programming utilized with each gifted child and considered in educational planning and decision making.”From: Colorado Department of Education, 22-20-103.  For the GT student, ALPs serve as a strength-based goal-setting enterprise. The key term here is strength-based. ALP goals are connected to the student’s identified area(s) of strength – verbal, non-verbal, and quantitative. From improving TCAP scores in one’s areas of strength to mentorship, independent projects, job-shadowing, research, and advanced studies classes, ALP goals serve as a means to enrich and develop the students’ gifted strengths.

    Here is the timeframe to complete the online ALP**  All ALP's are tied to ICAP this year and will be completed on Naviance.  Emails and instructions will be provided to Gifted and Talented students beginning November 8.

    ** Failure to complete the ALP on Naviance/ICAP by the specified deadlines listed above will indicate that the student is choosing not to participate in the ALP goal setting activity for the current school year.  The student will still be able to receive gifted and talented services, but will not have a formal ALP written.