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Ms. Jenn Ury

Ms. Ury's Class.

Welcome to my Coronado Home Page. I will use this site as a communications manager as a link to Schoology.  Schoology is password protected and requires a code to get a parent login (students are automatically added to the courses they are enrolled in), the website can be accessed through the following address:



I will also be using Remind to text students who have signed up. Below are the directions to sign up for my classes with the code:

Remind AP Psych

Remind Psychology

Remind AVID 11th Grade


I will use Schoology for access to the class calendar, various documents, pdf files, links and resources. This is where your student should go to find the appropriate daily material. If you have questions or clarification on any issue, email will be the best way to communicate with me.

E-Learning-- I am posting a weekly page for the Schedule for students in each class. They should look at the page for each week to see what assignments are for the current week.  


I teach AP Psychology & CU Gold Psychology, Psychology, , and 11th Grade AVID elective class. I look forward to the new school year! 

If at anytime you have question, feel free to contact Ms. Ury.


Phone: 719-328-4188