B-squad matches start at 4:30, A-squad start at approximately 5:45pm 

    2021 Schedule 

    Wednesday, February 17  - Mann Vs Holmes @ Holmes    Game Canceled Due to Weather 

    Thursday, February 18      - Holmes vs Russell @ Russell

    Monday, February 22        - Mann Vs Holmes @ Holmes 

    February 25 match was rescheduled to March 1 due to weather

    Monday, March 1               - Galileo vs Holmes @ Holmes  

                                                       To watch game live click the blue link. The password to enter is (live) all lower case. 

    Tuesday, March 2              - Holmes vs Jenkins @ Jenkins A-Squad game only starting at 4:30

    Thursday, March 4            - Holmes vs North @ North 


    2021 B-SQUAD Culminating Event 

    Friday, March 5th @ Holmes Middle School Link to watch live, password is live

     Pool B (4th place match)        

     4:30     Holmes  vs Galileo                                            



    Saturday, March 6th @  Mitchell High School

    Pool A:

    2:00:    Holmes vs. West                                             Semi-final

    3:15:    Jenkins vs. the winner of the 2:00 match       Championship Match


  • Spectator Information/Guidelines for attending Middle School Volleyball:

    1. All spectators will be health screened and temperature checked upon arrival to matches.

    2. Spectators must wear masks at all times during the event.

    3. Bleachers will have markings so that spectators are social distanced in our gymnasiums. Spectators are asked to sit at designated social distancing spots only.

    4. Each athlete is allowed to invite 1 spectator per match at this time. Home teams will use a gate list to allow spectators in and visiting spectators will be provided a ticket for admission by their school.

    5. We will attempt to stream all matches/games. Schools will provide information about access to the broadcast.  Please understand that the streaming is not guaranteed.  We will do our best. 

    6. B-squad matches will be played first (4:30) followed by the A-squad match at approximately 5:45.

      1. A-squad matches will not begin prior to 5:45. The gym will be cleared and disinfected at the conclusion of the B-squad match.

      2. Spectators arriving to the A-squad match are asked to wait in the parking lot until the gymnasium doors are opened for admittance.

      3. There will be a location (cafeteria or classroom) set up for A-squad players to wait in until their game begins. B-squad players can use the same area after their match ends until their rides arrive.  Coaches are responsible for supervision of their athletes.  The waiting area is for athletes only.  Spectators will be asked to wait outside or in their vehicles. 

    7. There will be no admission cost for matches this season.

     Match format:

    B-squad will play 2 sets to 25 and a 3rd set to 15 if needed.  If the match is completed in 2 sets, the teams may play an optional 3rd set but may not go past the 5:30 end time.

    A-squad will play 2 sets to 25 and a 3rd set to 25 if a tiebreaker is needed.