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Mrs. Cade

Hola.  My name is Patty Cade.  Many students call me Señora Cade because I taught Spanish here at Midland for several years before taking the position here as the English Language Development teacher. 

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area along with my five other siblings.  My parents were born and raised in a small village in Mexico.  They immigrated to the United States shortly after they got married and together they began their journey as American immigrants.  Growing up, the only language spoken at home was Spanish.  So, even though I started reading and writing English in kindergarten, I consider Spanish my first language.

As a young adult I joined the U.S. Navy to serve this wonderful country that had offered my family so many opportunities.  Throughout my 20 years of military service, I was able to experience and explore much of our world with its exotic countries and their cultures. There is only one continent in the world that I have not explored…YET!  Through my world travels I have developed a deep love and appreciation for culturally diverse people with their unique traditions, customs, and beliefs.  My travels have enriched my life and have provided me with a unique lens through which I view our world.
My husband, Bill, and I met while serving in the U.S. Navy together.  Our two teenagers, Isaac and Sicily, complete us and keep us young!   As a family we are active indoor and outdoor.  During the summer we love the mountains and the oceans, but during the winter we look forward to the ski slopes.

I began teaching Spanish soon after retiring from the U.S. Navy. I taught Spanish for several years, but  I returned to graduate school recently to pursue a state endorsement in culturally and linguistically diverse education.  After completing the graduate program,  I chose to stay in elementary education because I believe that is where I can help foster a love of learning.  Elementary students love to learn and I am energized by their eagerness to experience new things.  I strive to instill in them a desire to want to explore our beautiful world which will lead them to an appreciation for the uniqueness and splendor of it all.


Patty Cade

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Sra. Cade