Welcome to the Palmer ESL Program

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    The Palmer High School ESL Department provides a comprehensive English as a Second Language program for beginning to advanced English language learners with a variety of academic and cultural backgrounds.

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  • Recently arrived students receive two hours a day of direct English Language development in addition to sheltered classes in the areas of social studies, mathematics, and science. Students are mainstreamed into physical education and art classes during this initial stage of their English language development. Students’ programs are individualized based upon prior academic experience, social and cultural factors, as well as parent input.

Advanced Learners

  • Advanced learners are provided with different supports than the lower levels. They receive the regular District Eleven English curriculum taught by either a certified ESL teacher or by a team of both en ESL and regular education English teacher. Student progress is monitored and there is constant collaboration between the ESL Department, mainstream teachers, and counselors.

Intermediate Learners

  • Intermediate learners are provided with two hours of daily English language development, but they are mainstreamed into more classes as their English proficiency and academic levels permit. Support in the mainstream classes is provided with an educational assistant or with an ESL teacher teamed with a regular education teacher.

Tutoring & Other Support

  • In addition to the support provided to all Palmer Students, our English language learners also receive weekly tutoring after school with individualized help and computer aided instruction. We also have a constant stream of volunteers and interns from the local community and colleges who help to support our students in and out of our classes.