Parent Teacher Conferences

  • Instructions for Parent Teacher Conferences on Thursday - 10/29

    At the reserved times with each teacher, parents will visit each teacher's virtual classroom.  These reservations were made in the Online Scheduler.


    Click HERE for a directory of teacher's Webex Rooms

    When connecting, parents may be placed into a virtual waiting room until the previous teacher conference concludes.  The teacher will admit parents/students from that waiting room.

    *If for some reason WebEx seems to be an issue, parents should call the teacher's phone number to connect as a back-up.   Teacher numbers can be found in the Staff Directory.

    Need help with supporting your student's online learning?

    Distance learning and hybrid learning are new for this school year and bring many changes to learning. Join us at 9 am, 1 pm or 7 pm for a session on “Tips and Tricks on Supporting your Student in Hybrid Learning.” The video recording of one of these sessions will be available on demand after Parent-Teacher Conferences on our website.

    El aprendizaje por internet (parcialmente o enteramente) es algo nuevo este año escolar y requiere varios cambios por parte de nuestros estudiantes, maestros y los padres o acudientes. Ofreceremos una presentación a las 11 de la mañana y las 6 de la tarde en la que discutiremos cómo ustedes pueden apoyarles a nuestros estudiantes cuando asisten a sus clases en línea. Habrá un video de esta presentación que estará disponible después de las conferencias.

    Link will be posted the day of conferences. 

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