Shipping and Receiving

  • forklift Most products purchased for schools or other sites in the district are sent to the warehouse. Once the product has been received, it is matched up against a purchase order. The shipment will be verified that the items sent match what was ordered. The order will then be received into peoplesoft and sent to the appropriate destination assigned. Equipment such as Audio Visual (A.V.), and computer equipment is processed in the same manner, except that it may be assigned an asset tag number if it is valued $500.00 or above, any other non-AV item over $5,000.00 is considered capital Asset and needs to be added into the sites inventory by Mr. Al Johnson in accounting (520-2048), otherwise the equipment is just marked as school district property.

    Tagging AV Equipment:

    We only provide tags for A.V. items that cost $500.00 or above, “this is a School Board Policy”. If you do have equipment that meets this and was NOT purchased by way of a District Purchase Order, you must provided the following information to the Warehouse before we can provide you any tags. Once this information is provided, we will send out the tags, compiled and provided to Mr. Al Johnson this information so it can be added to your schools inventory.