• Distribution Center
    Luis Garcia – Supervisor
    5260 Geiger Blvd.
    (719) 520-2921

    MISSION: The Distribution Center supports School District 11's focus on increasing student achievement by providing fast, courteous and safe deliveries of supplies to our schools to help support the learning environment for our children. We serve over 60 D-11 locations as well as area BOCES schools, and also house the Food & Nutrition Services offices and stock, the records Department, and the Science Kit Refurbishment Center. This function is centrally operated from a 52,050 sq/ft warehouse located at the FOTC.

     Basic Services:

    Stock Inventory: Items range from office supplies and various paper products to selected instructional and custodial supplies. Items stocked are chosen by demand and potential for savings via quantity discounts.

    Receiving, Processing and Distribution of Regular & Special Order Items: Most products purchased for schools or other sites in the district are initially delivered to the warehouse for receiving and processing into the district. Once this is done, it is sent to the ordering customer.

    Deliveries & Moving Assistance: All D-11 sites are scheduled for once a week delivery of warehouse stock or special order items. As our schedule allows and within our capability, we assist with moves between different buildings and schools, this includes office/classroom furniture and other items or equipment to benefit our students and staff.

    Property Disposal: The Warehouse handles the disposition of excess district non-real property. This includes: textbooks, furnishings, computers, and other district owned equipment. The staff first attempts to get items back into use at other district locations. Items that remain as excess or are outdated are either sold off or are donated to others. If an item is truly obsolete, nonfunctional, un-safe or economically un-repairable, the warehouse staff will dispose of the items in a manner that represents the lowest cost and risk to the district. A listing of items that are available for reuse is on the Warehouse intranet website as well as e-mailed along with pictures to all sites.