• Partnership Agreement



    In the promotion of understanding and cooperation between business and schools within the Colorado Springs community,


    _________________________________      and      ___________________________________

    Business/Organization                                                                 School/Program


    hereby agree to enter into a partnership in education.


    The intent of this partnership is to support student achievement and to provide mutual assistance and benefit through shared time and resources.  


    The goal of this partnership is:




    The objectives of this partnership are:





    The effectiveness of our partnership will be measured by:


    •     Completion of the designated activities
    •      Feedback from students, parents, teachers and community members involved in the partnership activities.
    •      Consistent and timely communication between the partners.
    •      Creation of a Partnership in Education committee to facilitate partnership activities.
    •      Completion of an end-of-year partnership evaluation form distributed by Volunteer Services.




    The following partnership activities are planned:





    In reciprocation, the District, school or program plans the following:


    •          Distribution of partner’s educational materials to school staff.       
    •          ______________ will conduct a kick-off event recognizing the partnership.
    •          ______________ personnel will be invited to appropriate school activities.
    •          A partnership column will be created in the school paper updating parents and the community on collaborative partnership activities.




    Please provide a spreadsheet itemizing the business or organization’s contribution to District 11 and the monetary value.


    ALL individuals contributing to this partnership by engaging in activities with students will be required to complete a Volunteer Registration form and submit to a preliminary background check.  Individuals working with students without the supervision of District 11 staff or accompanying students on an overnight field trip will be required to submit to an extensive background check at their own cost.


    As partners in education, we pledge our commitment to cooperate in achieving the goals developed in this agreement.


    This partnership agreement has been reviewed by:

    ___________________________                                                             __________________

    Department                                                                                                           Date


    Partner Representative                                                                                  School/District Representative                                                          

    _________________________________                                                 ______________________________

    Name (Please Print)                                                                                          Name(Please Print)


    ________________________________________                                   ____________________________________

    Title                                                                                                                           Title


    ________________________________________                                   ____________________________________

    Business/Organization                                                                                            School District 11


    _______________________________________                                     ____________________________________

    Address – City/State/Zip                                                                                          Email


    _____________________________________________                           ________________________________________

    Telephone                               Email                                                                        Telephone



    _____________________________________________                          ______________________________________

    Signature                                                                                                                      Signature


    ________________________________________                                   ____________________________________

    Date                                                                                                                              Date


    ________________________________________                                   ____________________________________

    Review Date                                                                                                               Review Date