• Letter to Parents and Students

    Dear Freedom Elementary Families,

    • This is the website that I will be posting the assignments for P.E., K-5th.  I have decided to do this so everything will be in one place.  I will be posting a link for this page in SeeSaw, Schoology, and Google classroom.  
    • Justin Jergensen, the P.E. teacher from West Elementary has a Fitness Competition at his school and I have decided to do the same here at Freedom!
    • I will post a variety of activities that students can do and also students will be able to continue to do their own activities!
    • Please keep track of the minutes that you do a physical activity and then click on the appropiate minutes (rounding up to 5, 10, 15 etc.) in the fitness log.
      Minutes will be posted by class in our competition graph so that you can see your progress against the rest of the school!
    • You will continue to upload the minutes until we return back to school or until the end of the school year. You will see the graph of each classroom's and Freedom Staff's total activity minutes as they accumlate (I will be updating it every couple of days).
      • Let's see which classroom will have the bragging rights of Most Active in school!


    Log your minutes after every activity into this fitness log.

    You will tell me the following information:

    1. What's your first name? (ex: Dave)
    2. What's your last name? (ex: Thomas)
    3. Click on which grade you are in? (ex. Third)
    4. Who's class you are in? (ex: Mrs. Bedwell)
    5. What was the activity you did? (ex: walking, GoNoodle, etc.)
    6. How many minutes did you participate in the activity? (ex: 5 or 10 mintues)
    7. Post a picture of yourself doing the activity. (optional)

     Fitness Log (click here)


     We have a total of 2,510 minutes!!  We are tied for 1st place! Mlodzik and the Staff are tied with 260 minutes. In second is Eberhart with 220 and Neuharth is in thrid with 215.  Keep it up!


     Students by Grade Level