• Crystal Apple Awards

    Honoring Teaching Excellence

    Sponsored by El Paso Council Parent Teacher Association


    2019-2020 Nomination Guidelines

    Purpose:                To honor and recognize District 11 teachers who demonstrate excellence in education by meeting the needs of their students.


    Awards:                 Two Crystal Apple Teacher Awards will be designated for elementary teachers.  Two Crystal Apple Teacher Awards will be designated for middle and high school teachers.  In addition, one or more Crystal Apple Teacher Awards may be presented to a teacher at the discretion of the judges.


    Eligibility:               A classroom teacher, TLC, LTE, ELL, preschool teacher or interventionist must be certificated/licensed and employed by School District 11.  A teacher must currently teach in District 11 and have completed a minimum of two consecutive years teaching in the district prior to the nomination.  Past recipients of the Crystal Apple Teacher Award are not eligible.  The list of past recipients is available on the Crystal Apple website https://www.d11.org/Page/5757


    Judging:                 The completed nomination books are keepsakes for the teachers.  The books should be well-organized and presented in an attractive manner.  Judging, however, will be based on the information, not on the appearance of the material.  Judging is done by a selection committee made up of community volunteers, separate from the Crystal Apple Teacher Awards Planning Committee, because this is a community award to honor teachers.


    Checklist:               The following requirements must be met in order to avoid disqualification.  Please refer questions to LouAnn Dekleva, 520-2203, or Barbara Harris, 227-9900.


    1. _____ An additional copy of the nomination form, resume, response to questions and principal letter must be submitted with the nomination book in a separate envelope or folder.


    1. _____ At least two people are needed to nominate a teacher. The nomination form must be included at the beginning of the book and is counted as one page.  The official nomination form will be sent to the nominators for insertion in the book after the completed Intent to Nominate form is received by Volunteer Services. https://www.d11.org/Page/6559


    1. _____ Nominators are responsible for ensuring that the following questions are answered in a separate section at the beginning of the nomination book. Please state questions and responses.  Please give clear, concise answers and specific examples.

                                1.__        In the classroom, how does this teacher meet the needs of all students?

                                              You may consider student individual differences, learning environment, student motivation, and

                                              preparation of students to become productive members of society.

                                2.__        How does this teacher demonstrate professional collaboration?

                                3.__        How does this teacher contribute to a positive school/parent/community partnership?


    1. _____ The nomination materials must include at least two letters of endorsement: one from the current principal and one from a teacher in the nominee’s school. These letters must have been written during the current school year and dated as such.


    1. _____ Each teacher shall provide a complete resume (degrees, honors, organizations, professional activities, community involvement, etc.) to be included with the nomination material.


          6.______               Keep materials (letters of endorsement, pictures, clippings, etc.) to a maximum of 40 pages.  Each side of a page counts as one page.  If inside covers are used, they count as pages.  Material should not be stacked on top of other material on one page.  Pages of the book itself on which information is displayed shall be no larger than the pages of a standard size scrapbook (pages that are approximately 12 x 12 inches).  Keep in mind, additional pages may be created to add to this keepsake book after the judging takes place.


    Deadline for nomination book:  Wednesday, February 26, 2020