• A permanent scrapbook will be compiled. Your nominee will treasure it forever, whether he/she wins or not.  It is an honor to be nominated.
    • Use a high quality scrapbook with acid-free pages such as sold by Creative Memories consultants. Ask your principal or PTA for a commitment to reimburse you for all costs such as the notebook, letter copying, stamps, and photo developing/copying.
    • Your nominee should be involved in helping to collect materials. It is not recommended that you try to keep the nomination a secret until the very end, as people very special to the nominee may accidentally be omitted.
    • Your book must be a maximum of 40 pages. Each side in your scrapbook counts as one page.
    • Your book must clearly address the three questions asked in the nomination form. Remember to place it in a separate section at the beginning of the book.
    • Emphasis is on the extraordinary teaching qualities along with “the personal touch.”
    • Most nominees do not see the letters or the final book until after the winners are announced, but this is strictly your personal choice.
    • This is a major time commitment for the nominator(s). Allow plenty of time prior to the deadline for assembling the book.


    1. Decide who to nominate
    • choose by yourself or with another person or
    • vote by interested staff or PTA or
    • conduct a school wide survey involving staff, students and parents


    1. Obtain the support of the building principal.


    1. Obtain the consent of nominee. Remind your nominee that this is NOT the time to be modest.  Ask them to think of every award, every good deed, every person that could “toot your horn” and ask for help when letters are solicited.


    1. Inform pertinent people such as your co-workers.


    1. Determine your timeline for the rest of the following steps.


    1. Begin taking pictures: in the classroom, after-school activities and clubs as well as collecting a few personal pictures such as with family, graduation day and involvement in community events.


    1. Have nominee provide personal pictures from previous years.


    1. Obtain a list of names, addresses, email and phone numbers of people from which to solicit letters of support or endorsement from nominee. Suggest he/she list family members, current and previous principals and other administrators, current and previous co-workers, current and previous students, parents of students, special people who have influenced his/her teaching style or enthusiasm, any central administrators who have a special relationship, church/club/community supporters, etc.
    • You will probably not receive a letter from every person.
    • If you receive more letters than you need, use the best ones and save the rest. It is suggested that you add the extra letters to the book as soon as possible after the book is returned from the selection committee.  This avoids hurt feelings.  Consider having extra letters already assembled on pages that you can easily insert the day you get the book back.


    1. Write a generic letter/email to your list of people listed in step 8. It should:
    • Have a stamped return envelope addressed to the nominator or ask that the letter of support be scanned and attached to an email
    • Briefly state the purpose of a Crystal Apple nomination. Invite them to visit the website for further information.
    • List the three questions from the nomination page and encourage people to address any/all they have observed. Encourage people to write from the heart. You do not want someone to ignore the letter simply because they can’t answer the three questions.
    • Have a definite deadline, perhaps three weeks away.
    • Shortly after the deadline, call (or see if your nominee prefers to call) any people that you have not heard from, and ask them if they are going to be able to get a letter to you in the next few days.
    • Do not solicit letters during December. Early January should be fine.
    • While hard-to-read letters may need to be retyped, don’t feel that all must be on school letterhead. Variety adds interest and the personal touch to nomination books.


    1. In preparing to assemble your nomination book, determine the order or style you wish to present. Read the nomination form carefully.  In general, you need:
    • A title page, perhaps with the nominee’s current picture.
    • The nomination form with all needed signatures. Provide an additional separate copy.
    • A résumé from the nominee. Provide an additional separate copy.
    • Letters of endorsement from the nominators. Provide an additional separate copy of principal’s letter.
    • Clearly identified answers to the three questions. You will probably need to interview the nominee or ask them to answer the questions on his/her own.  Provide an additional separate copy.
    • Miscellaneous letters of support, organized as you see fit and sprinkled with pictures.
    • Although not necessary, borders, subtitles, selected quotes from letters and other “attention-getting” devices add interest to a book.


    1. Plan ahead. Try to have the book completely done at least a few days before the deadline.


    1. Submit the book on the day and at the location required. It will be reviewed by the Crystal Apple Committee, and if any part is missing, you will have a brief time to resubmit it before it is presented to the community judges.



    Good Luck!

    Crystal Apple Committee