The following groups are available to any students who are interested: 

    Stress and Time Management
    The focus of this group will be on time and stress management skills- Learn specific ways to handle the many tasks and responsibilities that come with juggling all you have to do this year, including self -care. 

    Grief and Loss 
    The focus of this group will be finding supportive and constructive ways to manage feelings related to grief

    SURF: Strategies for Understanding Real Feelings 
    The focus of this group will be on explore our responses to our feelings and learning technique to manage those feelings before they become overwhelming.  How to identify our emotional needs and find positive outlets for meeting those needs. This group will be divided by gender.  

    Building You 
    This group focuses on specific activities that offer an opportunity to grow as a leader, team member and build self-confidence.  This group will included interactive activities and games.  

    Some of the group days and times are still being determined. Feel free to contact us if you have questions and/or if you are interested in joining one of our groups. 




  •     Kelsey Johnson
           Odyssey ECCO Groups Counselor

            Phone: 719-328-2097
            Email: kelsey.johnson@d11.org