• Basketball Intramurals

    When: TBD

    What time: TBD 

    What do I need? Tennis shoes that tie

    Due to COVID guidelines, participation has been restricted to those who signed up prior to February 16. We have reached capacity at this time and are no longer able to take more participants. 

    General Rules

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    • Enter the gym through the southwest door.
    • Court #1 will be used for recreational use/skill development. (Shooing, Dribbling, Knock-Out, Free Throws, etc.)
    • Court #2 will be used for games. (Full court games up to six with the winning team staying on the court)
    • Players are responsible to make calls on violations and fouls.
    • Share the basketballs.
    • No half court or full court shots.
    • Positive sportsmanship is an expectation. (Respect your opponents call, be a good teammate, and give respect to your opponent)
    • Play hard and have fun!!