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18-21 Post High School Services

  • Who qualifies to receive Transition services?

    Students receiving special education services are able to access 18-21 (Transition) services through their school district. Students must have met minimum requirements for graduation and have ongoing transition needs identified in their IEPs. Students may participate in a ‘social graduation’ but cannot accept their high school diploma to receive transition services. Free and appropriate education (FAPE) ends once a diploma has been issued to the student. The student's diploma is issued when they exit from transition and it will reflect the date that the student exited transition services--not the date of their high school graduation ceremony.

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    Colorado Springs School District 11 Transition Services:

    *Serve as a bridge from K-12 education to post-school life.

    *Provide community-based programming with a focus on connections to adult resources and/or services, as well as post-secondary education and/or employment opportunities.

    *Clearly identify course and activity objectives aligned with individual students' transition needs and goals.

    *Provide flexibility for school and community experiences based on individual preferences, interests, strengths and needs aligned with postsecondary goals.