What Supports are Provided?

  • The TCT Instructional Coaching Program has one full time instructional coach and one intermittent coach that can support you as you grow in your teaching practice.  This program is for general education teachers and SSPs at all levels of experience and expertise. TCT is a partnership between District 11 Professional Learning, Human Resources and Colorado Springs Education Association. The coaching program was established 20+ years ago to provide an avenue for individualized, non-evaluative, confidential instructional support for teachers in District 11.

    The coaches provide instructional support to new teachers learning their craft, and to veteran teachers who wish to continue to hone and grow in their practice.  Coaching support can be virtual and/or in person.  Coaches work with individual schedules to provide support during the school day.  



    Some of our most requested types of support include but are not limited to:

    • Classroom Management (Presence, Planning, Procedures)
    • Student Engagement 
    • Assessment; Checks for Understanding, Formative, Interim, Summative
    • Differentiation
    • Analyzing Student Work, Processes, Rubrics
    • Standards Based Lesson Planning 
    • Small Group Instruction
    • Professionalism- Basics, Affect
    • Building Relationships, Maintaining Relationships, Repairing Relationships
    • Quality Questioning
    • Rigor
    • Depth of Knowledge
    • Teacher Evaluations
    • PGPs / MSLs
    • Workshop Format with Teams
    • Observations
    • Modeling
    • Video Analysis
    • Resources



    • Providing differentiated coaching to meet specific needs
    • Evidence-based and research-based strategies 
    • Collaborative goal setting
    • Prompt, prepared and flexible coaching support
    • Offering a variety of quality materials and a menu of support options to include: observations, reflective feedback conferences, modeling, co-teaching, visiting colleagues, videotaping, analysis of data and student work, and a variety of data collection tools
    • Building on the teacher's strengths
    • Providing emotional, technical, logistical and intellectual support