• Principal Carlos Perez

    I am honored to be the Principal of Mitchell High School and have the opportunity to serve our students, teachers and community. Before coming to Mitchell, I was the Principal at Wilson Elementary for six years and three years at Boulder Valley Schools as an assistant principal and athletic director.

    Our vision at Mitchell is to Conquer the Challenges of tomorrow!Life has plenty of challenges and having a great education will allow our young people to be ready and be resourceful to meet these challenges. Our mission is to “Prepare for a changing future through Perseverance, Excellence, and Leadership”. Mitchell High School offers many excellent opportunities for students to develop academically, and socially.

    As a principal, my personal mission is to do whatever is necessary to create a safe and thriving environment for our students to be successful here at Mitchell High School and do everything possible so our phenomenal teachers can deliver the best education possible for our students.

    Finally, I love being a Principal and having the opportunity to work with students, teachers, and the community. I am here at your service.

    Carlos Perez – Principal


    Email: carlos.perez@d11.org