4th and 5th grade students



    The 2023 event will be held in April.

    Check back for date and location.


    2022 Event updates (as of 2/24):

    • As of February, the plan is to have an in-person event. There is a possibility of hosting a remote event depending on COVID numbers in the community and District 11 COVID protocols involving visitors, volunteers, and community events.
    • This year's event will be limited to 125 participants to allow for a smaller event.
    • Registration is scheduled to open by mid-March.
    • Schools with 10 or more student participants will provide at least one volunteer to assist with various support roles such as registration, lunch logistics, etc.
    • The volunteer judge sign-up form is pending. Judges should not be parents or teachers of students participating in the event. Parents and teachers are encouraged to volunteer in other capacities using the link below. Volunteer judges can sign up HERE.
    • Support volunteers who are not judging can sign up HERE.

    COVID procedures (as of 2/25):

    • The PPESEF will follow Colorado Springs District 11's COVID protocols that are in effect at the time of the event. The District's current COVID protocols can be found at https://www.d11.org/domain/5173. This site will be updated to reflect any changes to D11's protocols.
    • This year's event will be limited to 125 participants to keep the event to a smaller size.
    • Masks are not required but students, families, and volunteers may choose to do so at their own discretion.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available at multiple locations throughout the event.
    • People exhibiting COVID symptoms should NOT attend the event.
    • People recovering from COVID should NOT attend the event until symptoms such as fever and/or respiratory issues have subsided for 24 or more hours.
    • People in isolation or quarantine due to exposure to COVID should NOT attend the event.

6th through 12th grade students

6th through 12th grade students

9th through 12th grades

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