• NHS LOGO Contact: Palmer NHS Sponsor
    Name: Michael Chamberlin
    Phone: (719)-328-5079
    Office: 301 N Nevada AVE Colorado Springs, CO 80903

    President - Peter Briggs
    Vice President - Ellie Schueler
    Secretary - Evie Pfeil

    Treasurer - Claire Costa

    Historian -Emaya Hoff

  • Mission


    Our mission is to promote academic excellence, to encourage service to others, and to promote leadership


    Next meeting: November 2, 2020. 1-2 PM. WebEx Meeting (Invitations sent). 

    Our general assembly meetings are mostly held the first Monday of the month online in WebEx meetings from 1:00 - 2:00 PM, November through May. A Webex invite will be sent to members prior to every meeting. Attendance at the meetings is a requirement for membership. If you cannot attend a meeting for school-related reasons (e.g. - a soccer game, not practice), contact Mr. Chamberlin at least one day before the meeting. Failure to inform Mr. Chamberlin of your absence prior to the meeting will result in an unexcused absence for that meeting. NHS members are allowed a maximum of one unexcused absence per semester.

    Officers normally meet the Monday prior to the general assembly meeting.


    New Members

    Here are the new NHS members for the 2020-2021 school year. The Induction Ceremony for new members will likely be held late August or early September; details will be sent as more information is known. Congratulations new members, and welcome aboard!!!

    Kayden Albert

    Megan Allen

    Autumn Barrett

    Marissa Benavidez

    Leah  Berry

    Chay Buchholz-Guerrero

    Anela Burns

    Raelee Chavez

    Keenan Fritz

    Gwendolyn Garza

    Herbert Hafenrichter III

    Lydia Hurcomb

    Elliette Igel-Manvitz

    Willow Jeffus

    Brima Kamara

    Addison Knowles

    Logan Kuhlman

    Joseph Lange

    Luke Larson

    Mary (Kate) Lowery

    Juliette Lynn

    Bridget McGraw

    Anna McLaughlin

    Tharrin  Meyer

    Lillian Parsons

    Maxwell Pearson

    Emma Reeves

    Taylor  Saulsbury

    Jocelyn  Sleeger

    Jocelyn Spencer

    Avery Spicer

    Henry Stevens

    Kathleen Swankowski

    Delilah  Tefertiller

    Aleyah Tomkins

    Ellie Van Dyk

    Joseph Van Dyk

    Xavier VanDemark-Conway

    Peyton Vetter

    Arden White

    Kiera Wrany

    Membership Requirements

    Membership in NHS has its requirements:

    ​1) Maintain at least a 3.6 overall GPA (weighted). If your GPA falls below 3.6 you will will be placed on NHS Probation and have one semester to bring is back up to 3.6 to remain in NHS.

    2) Dues. Dues are waived for the 2020-2021 school year. 

    3) Attend monthly meetings. One unexcused meeting will result in NHS Probation. More than one unexcused meeting will result in a Dismissal Hearing. If you need to be absent from a meeting (doctor appointment, sport game - not practice, etc.), contact Mr. Chamberlin ( prior to the meeting. 

    4) One community service project is due fall semester, and two community service projects are due spring semester. Depending on the pandemic situation, we may add a group community service project to the requirements spring semester. For each project you must take a "selfie" at the project site and post it to our NHS Schoology Class. Include your name, the project name and a brief description of the photo. The fall due date is December 15, 2020. 

    To keep track of these requirements, GPA, meeting attendance, and community service will be tracked within the NHS Schoology Class. 



    Bylaws are the governing rules and regulations of the Palmer NHS Chapter and its members. Bylaws were updated and approved by the Faculity Council in December, 2018. 


    Service Projects

    Details about community service can be found on the NHS Schoology Class site.



    This website contains the basic information about the Palmer Chapter of the National Honor Society. Current activities and information can be found on the NHS Schoology Class site.