• Learner Outcomes

    Personalized learning is not a program or quick fix to be purchased, rather it is the systematic redesign of the educational experience to develop a set of skills and learner outcomes for all in five competency areas:

    • Academic Competencies: The development of basic skills in areas such as literacy, mathematics, humanities, sciences, technology, the arts, and physical education disciplines. It is essential that learning experiences consist of access skill instruction combined with the daily, meaningful application of those skills.
    • Professional Competencies: Building proficiency in areas such as managing time, collaborating with others, and independently seeking out, learning, and applying new information in relevant contexts.
    • Entrepreneurial Competencies: Nurturing skills focused around evaluating and managing professional risk, learning from failure, as well as making meaningful connections.  Entrepreneurial competencies also nurture a growth mindset and leveraging failure as a part of the learning process.
    • Personal Competencies: Attaining a deep knowledge of self that enables learners to make decisions that leverage their individual strengths while accounting for needed areas of growth.
    • Civic Competencies: Making meaningful connections to the wider community that enable positive contributions as a member of society and the workforce through the application of the competencies above.