Access the 2009/2010 Standards

     2019-2020 is the last year for the 2009/2010 standards except the science standards. Science will continue to reference the 2009/10 standards for the CMAS through 2021.

    Access the 2009/2010 Standards

    Browse the standards, family and community guides, vertical progressions, and more. CMAS assessments are based on 2009/2010 standards through the Spring of 2020.



    Browse Curriculum and Instructional Resources


    Browse Sample Curriculum and Instructional Resources

    See and use example standards-based curriculum and instructional resources from Colorado's District Sample Curriculum Project

  •  Interact with the 2020 Standards Online

    The 2020 Colorado Academic Standards will be implemented in the 2020-2021 school year except for the science standards. The 2020 science standards will be implemented dring the 2021-2022 school year. 

    Interact with the 2020 Standards Online

    Use Standards Online, a new tool from CDE, to browse, compare, customize, and bookmark views of the 2020 Standards.  Once you search for a set of standards on this site, you can save the link to return to that specific search.


    Browse the 2020 Standards Downloads

     Use this link if you prefer booklet download options by subject and grade or alternative formats for importing into various documents and platforms.

    Browse the 2020 Standards Downloads

    Download the 2020 Colorado Academic Standards by content area and grade, access alternative formats, and read supporting material for all content areas.