8th grade health

  • General information

    • The sixth grade health unit is taught through science classes.
    • All science teachers attend health training regarding the middle school health curriculum.
    • The health curriculum, textbook, and resources are available for review at the school prior to the start of the unit.
    • Permission slips are required for students to participate in the health unit.
    • As per Board of Education policy, students and families have the opportunity to opt out of the unit due to personal, religious and/or ethical beliefs.
    • If a student opts out of the health unit, an alternative assignment will be provided that students can complete during this time period in a location designated by the school (e.g. library, another classroom).

    Unit overview

    Human sexuality

    Students will:

    • review vocabulary and human sexuality
    • discuss communicable and non-communicable diseases
    • learn about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STI)
    • discuss prevention of sexually transmitted diseases with an emphasis on abstinence
    • review healthy relationships and responsibility
    • review prescriptive and non-prescriptive contraception and disease prevention with a focus on abstinence