Retirement Information

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    General Retirement Announcement

    Non-Binding Letter-of-Intent Form

    Retirement Deadlines

    Teacher Seniority Lists

    ESP Seniority List

    Contact PERA at 1.800.221.2627 or

    • Check with PERA to see what your monthly payments would be upon retirement.
    •  Ask for a PERA Retirement Packet to be sent to your home.
    • Go to PERA meetings offered around town to inquire more information concerning retirement.
    • Go to the Labor Relations page and click on the website for your employee group to view the Seniority List to see where you on the overall list. 
    • Look for E-mails and flyers announcing when the due dates for the Non-Binding Letters of Intent for retirement are to be returned to HR.  (Generally letters are due the 2nd work day after Thanksgiving)
    •  Send a Non-Binding Letter of Intent to the Human Resources Department by the due date.  (Generally letters are due the 2nd work day after Thanksgiving)   
    • confirmation letter will be sent indicating that your Non-Binding-Letter of Intent Form has been   received and then you are considered for the Retirement Incentive Program (RIP).
    • Of those who apply for retirement, prospective retirees with the greatest seniority are eligible to receive  a 75% buyout of their unused sick leave.  In addition, they may be eligible to continue their medical insurance for a period of up to two years at district rates.  Who qualifies for these options?
    • Teachers:  The top forty (40) teachers who apply are eligible for this plan;
    • ESP:  The top twenty (20) ESP employees who apply are eligible for this plan (must have a minimum of 15 years of continuous service with the district);
    • Exec-Prof:  Any Executive-Professional employees with 5 or more years as an Executive-Professional will be eligible for a pro-rated share of available sick leave payout funds.
    • Letters received after the deadline will not be considered for the Retirement Incentive Program (RIP).  You may still retire at any time without being eligible for the Retirement Incentive Program (RIP) and you mayalso work a transition year.